Userful Pre-Book

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    August 10th, 2010
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    Userful Corporation
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    GNU General Public License (GPL) (?)
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    Userful Pre-Book is a full featured, open source, PC booking and reservation system. Patrons can book time on a computer from home, the office, school or using a walk-up booking at the library itself. Policy settings ensure that the library retains full control over usage.

    Pre-Book’s main features include:

    - Maximum usage restrictions (across all locations by day and/or week)
    - Advance reservation
    - Station availability charts
    - Unreserved walk-up-and-use stations
    - Immediate book: reserve next available station
    - Email reminders and reservation holding “grace periods”
    - Penalties for no-show reservations
    - Double-booking prevention
    - Client software for both Windows® and Linux
    - Waiting queue

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Userful Pre-Book

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