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In a recent blog post, I sang the praises of one of the WordPress community’s rising stars; a site devoted to producing high quality, free WordPress themes called WPSHOWER released their latest theme today. It’s called ‘Sight‘ and it’s clean, sophisticated and free!

Since so little has been written about this curious project, I wanted to find out more. I emailed site founder and lead designer, ‘Leg’, and put to him a set of 10 quick-fire questions. Here’s what he had to say:

1. Who is behind the mysterious WPSHOWER?
Designer & Creator – Oleg (leg) and coder – Yuri (neolot). Yuri joined WPSHOWER just after the release of the Portfolium theme.

2. Where are you from?
I live near the Baltic Sea, and Yuri lives near the Black Sea.

3. Aside from creating awesome WordPress themes what do you do on this planet?
I work for a small company as a web designer. I create user interfaces for a wide range of projects. Right now for example, i’m working on a dating website and a Facebook application. I like cycling and studying photography, its how I relax away from the computer. Yuri is a freelance coder, but we’ve never met in person.

4. How did WPSHOWER start? What made you start designing WordPress themes?
Simply put, I could not find the sort of themes I like on the Internet. Therefore, I decided to make them myself.

5. Given that there are so many premium theme sellers on the Web, why did you choose to release your themes for free?
I very rarely come across good premium themes. Most people are only interested in the money, not making people happy or doing something good. I like design, and I create a lot of designs, most of which end up in the recycle bin, the good ones goes to Yuri, and then we make a theme.

6. Many of your themes have a minimalist feel, what are some of your design influences?
I don’t know, it’s kind of just how it turned out. I guess I grew out of gradients, wet floors and web 2.0 and thought it was time to make design usable again, not just good looking. So over the last few months i’ve been learning about grid systems, and I read a lot about the Swiss graphic design scene. My designs are far from ideal, but i’m trying to get better and making themes is a great experience for me.

7. Your Facebook page recently passed 1000 followers, are you surprised by the popularity of your work?
To be honest, yes I am.

8. For a while, you included a Paypal donate button on your site, but then you took it down, why was that?
I collected money for hosting, and took it down. I do not like to beg for money for what I do. If it’s free, it’s free.

9. Do you have plans to go premium and ask people to pay for your themes, or do you intend to keep them free?
We’re planning to release a premium theme next year. I’m not going to switch WPSHOWER to a premium-only model though. We will continue to release free themes, 1×1. We will try to establish ourselves in the premium theme business, and if it works, maybe, we will just drop our projects and start working for the WordPress community. It’s just a thought at the moment and nothing serious yet.

10. What are you plans for the development of WPSHOWER? What’s going to happen next?
I’ve already started work on a new WPSHOWER website design, because almost all of our themes look better than our website! So, for the new year you can expect a new design and some rebranding. I don’t like to think too far ahead, so I usually just focus on what I’m doing tomorrow, rather than next year.

My thanks to Leg for answering my questions and kudos to both Leg and Yuri for bringing so much thunder (and rain) to the WordPress community!

Connect with WPSHOWER on Facebook and Twitter.

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