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Chameleon WordPress CMS Premium Theme Review

I’ve been using WordPress almost since day one and I remember the arrival, circa 2008, of the first main Premium Theme developers. Among those was a one-man band by the name of Elegant Themes. One of the things that set Nick Roach’s company aside from its competitors was the particular type of premium model he [...]

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Briefcase Free Premium WordPress Theme Review

I received a tip by email the other day from a reader asking me to check out a theme by a fairly new Premium Theme company called Rockable Themes. The theme in question is called Briefcase and it comes in two versions: one free the other paid. On first glance, the theme looks pretty much [...]

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Hero WordPress Theme Review

Welcome to the latest edition of my WordPress theme reviews. In this episode, I take a look at the latest theme by ThemeTrust called “Hero”. It’s a clean and user-friendly portfolio theme with a responsive layout and it comes with a range of customisation options. This is the third theme by ThemeTrust that I’ve reviewed. [...]

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The Standard WordPress Theme: A One-Stop-Shop for Bloggers

One of the questions I get asked quite a lot in relation to my WordPress theme review series is the following: “Could you recommend a simple and clean WordPress theme for a new blog I’m about to create?” The first thing I do is ask the person what they want to achieve with their blog [...]

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Review: Unspoken WordPress Newspaper and Magazine Theme by WPShower

Last year I did an interview with one of the co-founders of WPShower. At the time, this fledgling theme production duo from Eastern Europe had released a handful of clean and functional WordPress themes and had begun to garner a considerable social media following. Their work was picked up by several key online design outlets, [...]

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WordPress Portfolio Theme Heaven: Craft, Filtered and Solo Themes

In the mid-noughties anyone who was anyone had a blog. Many of those blogs were and to a degree still are used as Internet calling cards; a place to exhibit personal work and to write about subjects close to heart. Then Twitter hit the scene in late 2006 and the social media boom put an [...]

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The Great Big 2011 Free WordPress Theme List: New Themes Added Every Week!

Not another mind-numbing theme list I hear you say. Yes, but this one is different, this one is organic! Every week until the end of 2011, this list will be updated with new themes as and when they are released. To that end, I very much welcome suggestions from readers for new, high quality 2011 [...]

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The BookClub WordPress Theme: a New Solution for Digital Archives and Repositories

In my last post, I wrote about some of the factors that have helped transform WordPress from a fledgling blog application into a sophisticated content management system; factors that include code, community and financial sustainabilty. One of the companies that continues to play a significant role in this development is WooThemes, and their WordPress theme [...]

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Linen: The Cleanest of WordPress Magazine Themes?

A while back I reviewed an innovative horizontal sliding WordPress theme called Shelf. Today I’m covering a new theme by the Theme Foundry and it goes by the name of “Linen“. It’s billed as a clean and flexible magazine theme and I’ll be putting it to the test to see if it lives up to [...]

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Life on a Shelf: Musings on a WordPress Tumblelog Theme

(Click to enlarge.) A NOTE ON BALANCE I’ve been fairly vocal about my predilection for free WordPress themes in recent weeks. I’ve applauded the up and coming for producing clean and usable templates, and for reviving the ‘share alike’ spirit that WordPress was founded on. But that’s not to suggest that paid theme developers [...]

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