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What do we value most? The medium, the message or the data structure?

One day last week the thought suddenly occurred to me that I had mislaid my iPod. Gripped with panic, I spent the next 5 minutes rummaging through bag, coat and jeans pockets. Nothing. I tried remembering the last time and place I had used it. I checked that place. Nothing. I then began to reconcile [...]

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Stationery fetishes and old world geekery

This is a short post I dreamt up while my finger hovered over the mouse button for an order of 30 sets of index flags. Yes, that’s right thirty. These are no ordinary index flags I’ll have you know, these are 45 x 8 mm multi-coloured polythene index flags and there are very few places that stock them any more.

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Facebook, the domain, and a call for a new Web

Back in 1990 a select group of computer scientists in the post-industrial world witnessed the birth of a powerful communications tool, something that had been in the offing under various technical guises since the Second World War. But it took a radical leap of faith to conceive of this tool as serving a progressive human [...]

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Mille Feuille or Mont Blanc? Musings on RockMelt, the Social Browser

Like a mille feuille or a mont blanc pastry, this post is intended to be short and sweet; a light gathering of thoughts, sprinkled with icing sugar. Any extension of this post by way of comments and feedback will, as always, be most welcome, and anyone slipping off to the local p√Ętisserie to satisfy a [...]

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Monetizing Word of Mouth: Towards New Ad Spaces

I want to share the following idea for a new WordPress plugin or Open Source widget in the hope that someone might either: implement it; bring an existing implementation of the idea to light; critique it as not worthy of implementation; and/or build on it, make it better. Here goes nothing…

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When do ideas cease to be free?

Two websites were brought to my attention recently, the first is Open Source Ideas and the second (very similar in name) Open Ideas. It prompted me to google the terms “Open Source Ideas” and I discovered a long list of sites that attempt to apply the principles of open source software to thought processes or [...]

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Sites We Like

SourceForge - one of the longest running portals devoted to housing projects from the Open Source community. A great place to find OSS projects to collaborate on.

Open Source Initiative - the OSI maintains the Open Source Definition and offers a range of information on OSS licensing and standards.

OSALT - a brilliant site devoted to open source alternatives. The site compares quality OSS with its commercial peers.

Got a great OSS link? Let us know.