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Developers! What happened to clean and efficient blog themes?

Ok so let me begin with a few simple truisms: 1) Blogging is still very much alive. 2) WordPress is still the preferred blogging platform. 3) Bloggers still need WordPress themes for their blogs. If these points are true, why is it that aside from a handful of exceptions (see list below), there are so [...]

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Stationery fetishes and old world geekery

This is a short post I dreamt up while my finger hovered over the mouse button for an order of 30 sets of index flags. Yes, that’s right thirty. These are no ordinary index flags I’ll have you know, these are 45 x 8 mm multi-coloured polythene index flags and there are very few places that stock them any more.

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Where to find Creative Commons licensed photos that will bring your site to life

If you publish content online and you’re not a photographer then chances are that you will at some point have searched for images to illustrate your work. Finding the right photo to accompany a blog post, a magazine article or a new website is often crucial to the success of the project. They say that [...]

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Free and Open Source Seamless Wood Background Tiles

UDPATE: I’ve transferred these files over to my new blog about WordPress, They are still available to download and they are still free. Just follow the link and get them over there. Thanks for stopping by. After more than a decade of intensive web usage, I’ve accumulated so many resources that I am into [...]

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WordPress Portfolio Theme Heaven: Craft, Filtered and Solo Themes

In the mid-noughties anyone who was anyone had a blog. Many of those blogs were and to a degree still are used as Internet calling cards; a place to exhibit personal work and to write about subjects close to heart. Then Twitter hit the scene in late 2006 and the social media boom put an [...]

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Call for a better GPL WordPress Theme Showcase/Market Place on Installations

This post is a response to a simple question I asked myself when compiling the recent 2011 WordPress theme list: where do self-hosted WordPress newcomers go to get high quality, trustworthy themes? First of all, let’s give credit where credit’s due. Automattic and the wider WordPress community put in a huge amount of time to [...]

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The Great Big 2011 Free WordPress Theme List: New Themes Added Every Week!

Not another mind-numbing theme list I hear you say. Yes, but this one is different, this one is organic! Every week until the end of 2011, this list will be updated with new themes as and when they are released. To that end, I very much welcome suggestions from readers for new, high quality 2011 [...]

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SourceForge - one of the longest running portals devoted to housing projects from the Open Source community. A great place to find OSS projects to collaborate on.

Open Source Initiative - the OSI maintains the Open Source Definition and offers a range of information on OSS licensing and standards.

OSALT - a brilliant site devoted to open source alternatives. The site compares quality OSS with its commercial peers.

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