What is Open Source Living?

Open Source Living is a community-oriented dynamic collection of Open Source software spanning all major platforms. Through a simple, elegant and efficient presentation of resources and information, OS Living aims to highlight small and large OSS projects, to inform and raise awareness to OS ethics, and to reinforce the credibility of OSS as a viable alternative to corporate funded, closed source software.

There are currently three core components that form the Open Source Living website, which are: the Collectionthe FAQs, and the blog. Together, they provide a platform for information, collaboration and discussion on current trends in the Open Source field.

OS Living Around the Web

Wired – “Open Source Living lists the most popular open-source applications for a wide variety of tasks — ripping DVDs, browsing the web, chat clients, coding tools, audio players, you name it. OSLiving’s directory is neatly organized and the listings (for the most part) provide clear indications about what operating systems are supported by each of the apps.”

Wired – “I think OSL has the potential to be the sort of friendly resource the community needs.”

Lifehacker – “There are countless arguments for using open source applications, but one of the strongest is having a single interface to learn when working on Windows, Mac or Linux systems. Web site directory Open Source Living helps you find just those kind of programs. It’s not an extensive, all-in-one directory, but it seems to narrow its choices based on quality and widespread acceptance.”

Emily Chang – “There is a world of software that is literally, and legally, free. This is the world of open source software, and Open Source Living is a new resource that puts it all (or at least a lot of it) in one place.”

Makeuseof.com – “Nicely organized collection of best open source software packages in one place.”

Six Revisions – “…a collection of online resources that’s helped me in improving my development and design abilities, as well as tools and assets that has increased my efficiency and productivity when web developing.”

The Collection

The Collection is the backbone of the site. It is a live repository of up-to-date Open Source Software (OSS) projects, fully categorized, annotated and searchable in a user-friendly environment. All software and applications that feature in the Archive have been screened by us with reference to Open Source Initiative guidelines on standards and licensing. The Archive is maintained by a small team of volunteer editors who scrutinize each entry prior to inclusion.


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